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MSSQL is a suite of database software is published by Microsoft and used extensively within our enterprise. It includes a relational database engine that stores data movement tools for import, export, and transforming data.

It is widely used for enterprise deployment. MS SQL is a scalable data platform that includes server ETL ( Extract, transform and load) tools and reporting services where data can be added, modified, and queried using a standardized structured query language (SQL)

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Why did we choose MS SQL?

It is a server that is popular among the database solution used today, and one of its advantages is that it’s easy to use. It comes with an excellent which make it easy for a database to develop a fast and analyze performance charts. Visual studio is giving develop team with a powerful, familiar platform to create and manage custom applicants which is seamlessly integrated with server SQL.


Lots of products make MSSQL server database platform but there are four services in it which define and make it a popular choice as a database management system (DBMS).

The latest release of MSSQL is just not compatible with windows but, now recently Microsoft has offered SQL for Linux (Red that SUSE) as docker container platforms.

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It is the core of the MSSQL product suite. The original product is used to store process and secure data in it. This feature includes storing data in instance tablets and the ability to do XML data import with many other data services.

It is a data movement tool that can import and export data from a database. Data are extracted almost from any source, transform by merging, filtering, sorting, or aggregating data, and can load its destination often a shared folder or even database/application.

Comprehensive reporting platform for SQL server which is created and deploy several types of paginated reports. SSRS is statements are commonly used by companies to display KPIs like sales data or the number of orders processed per hour and thus are one of the features most highly sought by executive teams.

It is a multi-dimensional, analytics process and data mining server. It separate database allowing deep queries to run their near-instant timing across a vast amount of data.

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